Tuesday, July 29, 2014

beach day with cousins

 "You been surfin' long?"
(Josh and this boy became BFFs in the few hours they were near each other at the beach.
But the boy didn't share his goldfish...)
 Chris forgot his hat, so he wore my old-lady sunhat that had been squished in the back of the car. Cute!
 There I am, out in the ocean with my old-lady sunhat, successfully not getting a sunburn. Look at the colors in that water!
 This beach had an area with big rocks the kids wanted to explore. Chris was nice and took them to see it.
It was a really shelly, rocky beach. Not so great on the toes. But it was a day at the beach, so nobody complained, and everyone found a treasure to bring home.

Monday, July 28, 2014

picnic in the rain under a big old tree

After we visited the church and hotel, we took a walk along a lake trail to see a giant tree.

 There's nothing better than seeing a handsome man wearing a winnie the pooh backpack in public while holding hands with his daughter :)
  The roots of the giant kapok tree near the Flagler Museum dwarf the kids. According to {this} short article, the tree was planted in 1887. That's one big old tree!
We started our picnic under the massive branches, but it rained too much and we had to move under the awning of the nearby church, where mosquitoes ate us up as we finished our sandwiches and crackers. 
When the rain paused for a minute, we went out to explore the church's gardens. You can see the giant roots in the background, behind the fountain.
After posing like greek gods near the fountain, we ran back to our car as the lightning and thunder rolled in. The joys of hurricane season!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Breakers Hotel

Just down the street from the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea is a beautiful historic hotel, The Breakers. We wandered around inside for a while, cooling off and checking out the ballrooms, gardens, ocean view, and beautiful architecture.
 Since this is an expensive hotel, I told the kids to look rich. David has the expensive-catalog-pose down, while Ashley worked on the famous-lady duck lips. Not sure what everyone else was trying to do.
We also walked to a giant tree, but I'll have to post those pictures tomorrow. Our internet has been super slow again recently and I'm done sitting here :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the church of bethesda-by-the-sea

While visiting my sister last week, we decided to be tourists around her town. One of the places she showed us was The Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. I took too many pictures, but the architecture and gardens were incredible and I want to remember them.
We told the kids to look like saints. I guess saints hold their hands like that.
This picture doesn't do the chapel justice. I love being mormon, but it's always nice to be able to walk into other churches and feel reverence and spiritual peace there, too. And this place was so peaceful.
My favorite stain glass window was with Peter sinking in the waves as he tries to walk on water.
The long skinny pond behind the church was filled with Koi, and they even had a little machine with fish food, so the kids went back for several little handfuls to feed the excited fish.
This angels face looks so soft, and almost alive. It was one of my favorite things at the church.
If you're ever passing through Palm Beach, stop and take a look. It's worth it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

family history party

These are all bad cell phone pictures, but I didn't want to forget the boys in mustaches! Our stake held a fun pioneer day/family history fair last weekend. They had fun booths set up around the gym where the kids got to look at pioneer-ish tools and eat pioneer-ish of treats. We also got hamburgers, chips, and cookies, which were not too pioneer-ish
 They also got locked up. The only way to get out of jail was to do some family history on familysearch.org. Ashley and Josh actually asked the jailer if he'd lock them up.
 Slinky handcuffs. I'll bet they had handcuffs like that in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.
The reason we had to go to familysearch.org to get out of jail is found in D&C 128:22.

When the activity was over, Josh had a hard time pulling the mustache off. He's not going to be in the habit of wearing fake mustaches because it really hurt and even pulled a little skin off. I just feel bad for the funny guy who put the mustache over his eyebrows...